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A BLOG IS BORN : may 2011


My name is Elizabeth (aka LizE), but I am called Becky in the everyday hum and drum of my life.  I am a physical therapist with a passion for helping people restore their bodies and their quality of life.  I am married with 2 daughters, ages 17 and 7.  Please visit my FAMILY page to meet the Family.  I live in Southern Ga where hospitality still is a usual way of life.  I love animals, art, fitness, rollerblading, shooting, and music.  Most of all though I love a good book that takes me to another place or inspires me for enjoying life here on Earth.

This is Roxanne:  “Roxie” is our godsend.  She is a rescued border collie that we believe to have been special delivered to our doorsteps. We had just moved into our new home and we had been talking about getting a Border Collie.  Roxie was found by neighbors on the highway and we were the last stop before she would be taken to the Animal Shelter.  She has filled our world with joy!

I believe our home should be a haven, a  place of refuge from all the hustle, bustle and stress that can permeate our days.  Although I am 2 miles from the interstate and therefore close to all modern conveniences, I am privileged to live in the country (just 2 miles outside of a 1 redlight town).  God whispers to me in all the beauty of country living as I walk my yards and enjoy the quiet solitude I find there.  Country living is part of my heritage that I will always cherish and that I am glad to give my children opportunity to experience as well.
FAVORITE BOOKS AND AUTHORS: I have always enjoyed reading!  love books that reflect times past such as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and Jane Austin classic novels, (my favorite of course being Pride and Prejudice).  I enjoy colonial history as in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series. I also like Science fiction/Fantasy  along the lines of JRR Tolkien.  I enjoy most mystery and suspense novels – who wouldn’t?  For true inspiration and life lifters though, I love Christian authors such as Max Lucado.  It is a special gift when Jesus is portrayed in such a real and pertinent way  that He  just walks off the pages of the book and into your everyday life.

  1. Roxanne is a cutie. Rescued dogs are very protective as they know who saved them. She looks very intelligent.

  2. Becky, reading your bio makes me want to move back there :)
    Of course, the memories of our childhood are so sweet to me. I am so thankful I got to experience the joy and innocence of southern country Georgia as a child, back when life was simple.

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