Meet the Family

 Bryan is my hubby of 21 years and still puts up with me yet (gotta give him lots of kudos for that).  He is a “recreational” pilot, and works as an aviation mechanic.  Hobbies include:  Antique/Vintage Airplanes, History buff (especially US history), watching western movies and documentaries on TV,  diligent groundskeeper for our 5 acres, and anything related to guns (he is very involved in gun forums and gun owners rights).  He is a Christian, raised by a very close traditional family  with high ideals, and he is passionate about preserving the freedoms and founding principles  of the good ole USA.

Amber “Ami”: 

Ami is the quiet, reserved, calm tempered older sister (10 years older).  She is  thin, and petite with long honey blond hair and penetrating blue eyes.  She is very reflective and introverted with a passion for listening to music, playing guitar,  and drawing.  She shares a very light hearted , twisted sense of humor with me as well as a love for 80s music.


Ansley is  the wild card in this family – very extroverted and has only one mode ‘Wide Open’.   She has been challenged with vision impairments and has worn glasses since she was two but that has not slowed down her exploration of the world around her.  She doesn’t miss a thing, and she is going to be sure and tell you all about it – in great detail, Ansley style.  She shares my passion for animals, reading books, playing games, gymnastics, exercise, and goofing.  She is loud and obnoxious but she is also sweet and loving.   She blesses and she challenges us all.

  1. What a great family! You guys sound like such a fun bunch – be blessed. :) My 2 yr old also does gymnastics and loves it!

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