Christmas Time Is Near

It’s the final week before Christmas….       

There’s a pep in my step, and a twinkle in my eye.

What is it that I love so much about Christmas?

I love the lights, the music, the decorations, the celebrations.
I love picking out Christmas cards, and mailing them to loved ones.
I love selecting a fresh tree, and bringing it home.
I love decorating the tree and putting the angel on top.
I love sitting in the dark and watching the Christmas lights sparkle.
I love wrapping gifts in pretty paper and arranging them under the tree.
I love the focus on baby Jesus and the nativity scenes displayed.

But what really makes it special?  What really makes it all seem so exhilarating?
It’s togetherness.
The togetherness of family getting together to do things with each other and for each other.
It’s connection.
The connection to total strangers who wish you Merry Christmas and good cheer.
It’s compassion.
Compassion for others shown in the gifts given, the time spent, and yes, even when we comfort those who are sad and lonely during the Holiday Season.

How wonderful this Earth would be if the Christmas spirit lasted all year through.  And yet, it can.
Jesus is the Christmas spirit, the wonder of togetherness, giving, caring, reaching out to others.
Jesus is connection.  He wants us to always seek connection to one another, to cherish our memories as we create them, and not just later.
Jesus is compassion….there is no greater compassion than His gift of life to us.

Don’t you think He would want us to be in a Christmas frame of mind all year?

As you put away your Christmas decorations this year, don’t put Christmas out of your heart.
Merry Christmas!!!




About Grace and Grit

As a Christian, to live the abundant life, we all need a lot of grace and grit... LIVING LIFE AND LUV'N God's Child, Wife, Mother, Physical Therapist, Fitness Enthusiast, Avid Book And Blog Reader, and fan of Lighthearted Humor and Fun “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

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