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Ascent from Darkness – Book Review


The book, Ascent from Darkness by Michael Leehan tells his true story of becoming a Satanist and then slowly but surely being drawn to the light of Christ.  He explains the dynamics of his childhood that created the emptiness and restlessness that made Satanism attractive to him. Most of the book is a twisting tale of how he sunk further and further into Satanism and yet Christian influences were able to weave in and out of that imprisoned existence.  At first he could not see the true power and the peace that permeated the Christian life because the power of Satanism had blinded him. God, however, had his hand on Michael and was able to strip him of his dependence on Satan’s false power.  As Micheal despaired of being salvageable and was convinced Satan would take his life as punishment for abandoning his Satanic covenant,  God showed him that there was a way out that would give him new life and a new hope.

Through my life, I’ve become knowledgeable at a basic level of Satanism, which I feel every Christian should recognize as a definite evil religion practiced by many today.  It interested me most how Michael chose to attend churches and bible study groups to prey on the weaker Christians.  I wonder how many of us would even think about, much less recognize that a Satanist was present in our sacred, and seemingly safe church settings.  The perspective Michael offers is definitely not your everyday read. I think it will keep your interest and hopefully give you reason to take spiritual warfare more seriously.

I was provided this book for free by BookSneeze.com in exchange for providing an unbiased and honest review of the content.

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