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Grieving my Laptop’s Untimely Death

My laptop died from complications that occurred approximately 2 months ago….You see, the laptop’s owner (that’s me) accidentally dropped the laptop on the floor.  Although a little tape and a few tweaks by hubby seemed to have salvaged the laptop to keep cruising on in WI FI land, an unknown problem lurked beneath the surface….a hairline fracture in the mother board.

The hairline fracture grew over time, and finally caused the fatal BLACK SCREEN of impending death.  Luckily, The Geek Squad was able to salvage MOST of the data, pictures, and documents from the old laptop and convert them to a shiny new laptop, but the disruption of life has not yet returned to normal. Please be patient with me while I continue to mourn my laptop and get adjusted to the new one….
Next week’s topic…Humility vs Pride.  Yes, this week has definitely been a lesson in humility as I have had to admit my mistake, and pay dearly for it in many ways.  
But I have learned that God is with me, even when my laptop is not…..He is my true life source, and He has provided an important data and sacred document keeper….HIS WORD …it will never crash, be disrupted, or fail.

Til next week, my prayer for you:
May God bless you this week with the comfort of His unfailing presence and resources.  May you stay connected to Him as the absolute most vital source of your daily life.  May you have a blessed 4th of July!

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