Making Your Home A Haven

Wisdom is:  Making your home the place where God’s love and grace abounds.  12659800_s

It’s back again: Women Living Well’s Annual Making your Home A Haven for October.  This is my favorite annual thing that Courtney does and my kids love it too.
Please check out her site for all the details and join the challenge.

“By wisdom a house is built, & through understanding it is established.”
Proverbs 24:3

Week One starts Oct 7.  Light a candle in your home daily and when your eye catches the flickering flames, let it remind you to pray for peace to abound in your home.
Does it make a difference to attend to things in your environment.  You bet.  My 19 year old loves that I light candles in the kitchen, and sometimes when I come home from work, she has chosen to light a candle.  It’s so nice to walk into the warm, fragrant, calming room.

These are busy, trying times for my household.  I’ve been working long 9 -10 hour days.  My 19 yr old is waiting for the government shut-downs to end so she can start the new job she’s been hired for, and we will then have to transition our 9 yr old to riding the bus in the mornings and being in an after school program in the afternoons.  Big changes and busy schedules mean Satan has lots of opportunity to crowd out what’s important in our hearts and minds.  I plan to be very intentional in keeping God at the center of the chaos, for He is the calm within the storm.  No matter what is going on, I want my home to be a haven for every member of my family….the place where they know there will be God’s peace and love to return to.  Hope you do the same.

PRAYER FOR YOU:  May your home be a haven, built with wisdom imparted from above.  May your home be prayed for often and surrendered to God’s love and protection.

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