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TRUST is: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.IMG_0072

If you have suffered through other people disappointing you, and not being consistently dependable, then you likely have trust issues.  I have trust issues.  In fact, I tend to be very private and non-disclosing until I really get opportunity to know that a person is trust worthy.  I also tend to just rely on myself- too much.  The problem with trusting in yourself is that you have limitations, and fears, and inadequacies.  You need other people.  God made you for relationship with others, and most importantly, He made you to be dependent on Him. God wants you to trust Him.  To move forward in the Christian faith, requires just that ….faith.  In fact, leaps of faith, and to leap in to the unknown requires trust in something/someone bigger than yourself….TRUST IN GOD! Read the rest of this entry

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