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This is a link write – up reflecting 5 minutes of unedited writing on the topic of REAL:

REAL means “It is what it is”.  Real is what we have to figure out and then deal with.   That’s not always easy because people spend so much time hiding and camouflaging what is real.  We hide real behind our clothes, our make-up, our smiles, our words, our  busyness.   Sometimes we just run away from real with addictions, entertainments, and other escapes.
REAL is what faces us when we turn on the bright lights of truth ….and sometimes it is  a relief to just take a good look at real and accept it….It is what it is!!!!!.  I think God wants us to strip away all the deceptions and face the REAL of who we are, what our problems are, and how humanly weak we are.  I think it our REAL that He wants to love and nurture us through.  He accepts us as we are even when others will not.  And those who are true Christians will accept our REAL as well, won’t they?  So those who do not accept our REAL, well, I guess it’s because they can’t accept their own REAL either, and therefore they can’t stand in God’s light of truth yet.
God….strip away my deceptions and insecurities and make me REAL….and fill my world with those who, like YOU, think my REAL is worth loving.

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