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HOME: A Safe Harbor

Women Living Well is starting a Fall Challenge called Making Your Home A Haven… I am excited about this.  Who wouldn’t want their home to be a haven? Definition of Haven: A harbor or anchorage, a port A place sought for rest, refuge, shelter, protection. I though about my home as a port, a harbor for the ships ( my family ) to sail to and from in their daily journeys.  How wonderful it would be if they looked forward to coming home because it felt safe, comforting, nourishing, and they knew it would be a place where their souls could find renewal. Look!
Here comes my teenager home from a long, frustrating day at school.  She is the first to arrive home, and she feels like life has taken pot shots at her all day.  She had a pop quiz in one of her classes that she didn’t feel prepared for.  One of her teachers was upset because someone poured glue on the floor of his classroom and he punished the whole class since no one would confess to the crime.  She also had to sit 3 to a seat on the crowded, sweat permeated, hot bus ride home.  She is glad no one is home so she can have some time to herself to just unwind from her stressful day…as she rests, time slips away….

Next to arrive is my husband.  He hasn’t had any unpleasant occurrences during his work day, but he has been very busy and he is weary from the circumstances of his work day.  He is also hurting from an old injury in his ankle, and the pain causes him to limp from the garage into the door.  He just wants a cool glass of tea and to prop up his feet a few minutes before he tackles some grass cutting.  He walks in the door and gets upset because his daughter, the teenager noted above has forgotten to pay attention to the time and has not made tea which is one of her daily duties.  Of course, without even thinking about how her day may have gone, he immediately bombards her with demands and criticisms because he is denied his cool drink of tea.   A negative tone in the household is set…

Now I am coming home after working a long day at the hospital.  I too am weary from dealing with patients, their families, meetings, and from doing hours of documentation.  I am looking forward to just being home, but I don’t know the tension that awaits me in those who have already arrived.  Thinking about the myriad of things that I need to do when I get home….supper, check the mail, check emails, help my youngest with homework, etc….I am likely to walk through the door in get er done mode….which won’t help.

But before I get home, I have to pick up one more weary vessel…  My youngest is at daycare….a noisy, busy place and her energy is overflowing….She has had an adventurous day and she wants to tell me all about it.  She is non-stop chatter and excitement all the way home.  She wants to know if she can watch TV, ride her bike, will I play a game with her, will I read a story, etc.  She also has homework to do ….and, oh yeah, mom, I forgot to tell you I got in trouble at school for talking in class, and I have a note about it you need to sign…Whew!  5 minutes home starts to feel like an hour.

This is a glimpse into a typical day in the oceans that my family sails.  How much each vessel needs a safe place to dock…How much each vessel needs the understanding of the others, and a conscious effort to make the home a haven. I am excited to try the Women Living Well Challenge…and I encourage you to do the same.  A Christian home SHOULD BE A HAVEN….but only with Christ is this possible, our ultimate haven and refuge from the storms.
I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.  Psalm 61:3-5
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