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Organized Chaos

 MEDIA AND HOMEMAKINGThis week, I have been using some vacation days to spend end of summer time with my 2 girls, to get everyone’s back to school needs met, and to do a lot of organizing  at home.  I am usually a very organized person, or at least at work that is what I’m often told.  In truth, I am just organized chaos – without some degree of being organized, I can’t function well at all.
We have been in our new home right at a year now, and I have found that having a much bigger home to take care of  has really challenged my organization skills, and I have let it get the better of me.  With new grit and determination, I resolved this week to figure out new strategies for getting better organized and at least tackling some much needed projects while I had the time.  It has been this week, that I have found vast resources and practical ideas via the media.  It has been time consuming I admit to gather the information and learn/explore the tools that would best suit the needs of my family and household, but it has been time well spent.  I think the important thing that has pulled it all together for me, has been that I have balanced out time spent on the computer with time spent  “Get’n er done”.  I haven’t completely mastered the areas I need to, but I have the satisfaction of knowing I have made good progress toward those goals, and can more easily keep up with the household when I do start back to work at the end of this week.
Another wonderful event of this week, has been that my kids have also caught the enthusiasm and joined me with cleanups, and projects which has made it even more fun.  My teenager, especially has wanted to use some of the organizational resources I have found on the computer to help with her own personal organizational needs.  She has also pitched in to help me paint and do a thorough room makeover/clean out of her younger sister’s room which is part of a birthday surprise (she turns 7 tomorrow).  I have truly felt enriched and productive this week, and have been thankful to have the resources of the media at my fingertips.
The Bible talks about the importance of being a woman who is diligent and faithful in running the affairs of her household.  I want to be such a woman, and so I have been praying and thinking about how to improve in that area this week.  As my daughter and I sat in the middle of a chaotic mess of crayons, dolls, and various toys, I thought about how often our lives have to get a big mucky before we realize the need to put them in order, and about how it is a process that sometimes involves feeling like it gets worse before it gets better.   Sometimes when God is trying to organize something in our lives, perhaps he has to let it get a bit messier as part of the process of teaching us something and renewing us.  Although the media can be a valuable resource, we need to remember to not be self-sufficient and busy God out of the process.  In the chaos of life, if we just turn to Him as the ultimate resource, He is always there to help, restore, put in order and make new.  He can help us find the discipline and balance we need to be the homemaker He desires us to be.

Prayer for Homemakers:  May God richly bless you in the important duty of being a homemaker.  May He renew you as you go to Him each day for the wisdom and  resources you need to focus on your priorities, manage your time, and the needs of your family and home.  May He bless you with a servant’s heart, delighting to honor Him in whatever task is at hand.
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