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Love That Endures

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,endures all things.   1 Corinthians 13:735616925_s

Most of us are familiar with the passages in 1 Corinthians where love is defined.  We tend to remember the “Love is Kind” and “Love is Patient” bits.  But in this season of my life, I am focused more on vs 7 that talks about the love that endures, hopes and believes.  This is the kind of love that makes sacrifices, and doesn’t crumble in the winds of life’s storms.  Instead, this is a love that finds an anchor and holds strong because of eternal perspectives. It clings to hope in an amazing God who is bigger than the weaknesses and imperfections of 2 sinners trying to merge into one.  This is the kind of love that I am having to hold on to, and the kind of love that I am trying to be faithful to.
This Valentine’s Day marks the last holiday that my family will ever be living under the same roof and experiencing what we consider “normal existence.”  In 3 days my husband leaves, to go 7 hours drive away to start a new job and a new life.  I will remain with my 2 daughters until the end of the school year and the house can be sold.  At that time, I will leave the house I love, the yards I enjoy walking with my husband when there is fair weather, the job and co-workers I have known for the past 18 years, the town I grew up in and the relatives that remain here.  My 10 year old daughter will be going with me, but my 21 year old is in college and just recently got engaged. She will be remaining.  

To say this is hard would be an understatement.  This is a gut wrenching, life turned upside down sacrifice. But it is a love that I must be faithful to.  It is a love that trusts God as its foundation.  I have to trust that God will help me to give this kind of love and support to my husband.
A love that bears all things….(leaving the comfort of what is familiar, as well as my daughter whom I am very close to)
A love that believes all things…(believes all the things that God’s word promises to those who seek His will)
A love that hopes….(hopes for God to make something beautiful of this sacrifice and to strengthen our marriage even more)
A love that endures all….(I can endure all things through him who gives me strength  Phil 4:13)

This Valentine’s Day… I wish you the love of the Father in your heart,  and I wish you the kind of love that endures, believes, and hopes even in the midst of life’s trials and challenges.


A Valentine For Your Man

Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.15887297_s
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Women are easy to satisfy on Valentine’s Day because we love cards, candy, jewelry, dinner out, flowers,etc.
But what does a man want?  What  makes him feel special?

A Clue: Listen to your man this week, and see how many times he seeks your appreciation. Read the rest of this entry

A Vintage Love

Wisdom is protecting the sanctity of your marriage and making it a Vintage Love.17211944_s

Vintage: Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

Feb 8th I will celebrate my 21st Anniversary to my beloved.  His parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and some day I hope that we will also reach that important milestone.  I don’t want to be “just married”, however.  I want to be “happily married”.

As I reminisce through early dating memories, I recall the one thing my husband did that truly won my heart.  He committed to me through 3 months of being very far apart.  In that day, there was no internet, cell phones, texting, etc. and long distance calls were very expensive.  To keep the romance alive, he sent me at least 2 cards a week.  Some were funny, some were cute, and some were serious.  I loved them all, and to this day I have kept every one of them. Read the rest of this entry

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