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Discretion versus Simple-mindedness

This is WEEK 15 of the Character Development Series I am doing for 2012.  So glad you stopped by.
When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a statue of the 3 “No evil” monkeys, and it always fascinated me to look at it.  Ironically, it is the power of discretion that should most differentiate us from monkeys, and especially differentiate the ungodly from those who live a Christian life.

♪♫ Oh be careful little eyes what you see…
♪♫ Oh be careful little ears what you hear…
♪♫ Oh be careful little tongue what you say…

Discretion means:
1.  The quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence or revealing private information.
2.  The freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation. Read the rest of this entry

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