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 My husband has beautiful, penetrating blue eyes.  When I first met him during my college days in Atlanta, he was intrigued by my mysterious, quiet personality, and I was intrigued by his friendly charm and bright blue eyes.  Those are the eyes that I looked into when he proposed, the eyes I looked into when I said my sacred marriage vows. and the eyes I still find captivating on a daily basis.  His eyes are like the ocean, not just because they are blue, but because they reflect the depths of his soul…and it is a tender soul that feels every human emotion, but more importantly, reflects the One who resides inside his heart….Jesus.

The first date that I ever had with my husband, he spent hours talking to me and getting to know me.  As he told me about himself, he told me that he was a Christian and came from a close, loving Christian family. My husband is very passionate and sentimental about certain things, and when he talks about something that has deep meaning in his life, his eyes soften and reflect tenderness and joy.  When he talks about his values and especially his relationship with Jesus, those eyes become the most tender I’ve ever seen.  Like any marriage, our marriage has had it’s shares of trials and tribulations, and it is when those eyes become tender and reflect his faith in a higher power and his support and encouragement for our family, that I am the most comforted.

My husband is the father of 2 girls.  The first born also has blue eyes like her father.  On Father’s day in the year 2000, I reflected upon how much a father passes on to his children in genetics and in personality and values.  I captured my feelings and sentiments in this poem:      


She has her daddy’s bright blue eyes
And thinks he hung the moon and the skies,
She has his compassion for tender things,
A hug, a kiss, and the whole world sings.
She shares his love of things of the past,
That sentimental side that hopes “now” will last.
Childhood memories are held so dear. 
“Family” means loved ones are always near.
Yes the passing onlooker often spies,
That she has her daddy’s bright blue eyes.

 My oldest was only 7 at the time I wrote that poem, and now she is 17.  And yes,  I see within her eyes that she still has these same qualities.  She is growing and blossoming into a young lady.  I know that one day, I will see another look in my husband’s eyes…the look of pride he will feel on her wedding day, when he entrusts her care to another.  The years may pull them further apart as she embraces a life and family of her own, but she will always share her daddy’s eyes,  from the deep ocean blue color to the deep steadfast strength of a heart that knows Jesus, family, and love.

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