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Book Review – Divided: When The Head and The Heart Don’t Agree

Divided: When The Head and The Heart Don’t Agree by Bill Delvaux  is a book that explores a great divide that resides in many Christians lives. _225_350_Book.1522.cover It is described as “the gulf between the human head and the human heart. It’s the split between what we say we believe in our minds and what we really believe in our hearts.  This book is divided into 3 parts.  The first section takes a view of what the divide looks like and how it manifests in our lives, with modern examples and Biblical history/examples as well.  The 2nd section explores how to tackle the Divide to “expose the lies we have swallowed.”  It emphasizes the importance of self-examination to reveal lies we think, believe and act upon in our daily lives that keep us from embracing the truths that God wants us to build our lives on.  The third section discusses how to close the Divide. This section does not provide a cookie cutter magic formula for feeling more connected to God, but rather warns that we may initially feel more disconnected from God as old ways of thinking and acting have to die.  God ultimately has to do the work of closing the Divide and the author states ” the way Jesus comes to make His home inside of us is as unique as our stories, as different as our fingerprints.”

I enjoyed reading this book because currently there are many fragmented, confusing changes going on in the personal circumstances of my life.  What a comfort to know that other God seeking Christians struggle with this inner conflict between head and heart as well.  It is helpful to think about the causes of our disconnect from God and to have the hope of God working within us to knit us closer as He desires to be connected to each of us.

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