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An Apple A Day….


Our mindset is so important when we decide that we want to be healthy and fit.  Just like so many other goals we set, if we don’t really want it for ourselves, we will not succeed.  And why should we want it, when it is so much easier to live a sedentary lifestyle with all the creature comforts so easily available such as TV, video games, and computers that we enjoy sitting  in front of for hours.  After a hard day at work, who has the energy to do anything else?  And who wants to take the time to eat healthy foods when junk foods are so readily available and palatable as well? 

As a physical therapist, I am afforded a daily dose of the reality of how important it is to take care of our bodies.  Younger and younger people are being hospitalized with strokes,  some of them even in their 20s and 30s.  Most people that you pass on the streets are significantly overweight and deconditioned, and they are suffering or will suffer from premature joint deterioration, diabetes, heart problems, and a myriad of other health ailments.  They may be cruising down easy street in their daily activities and eating choices today, but they compromise the quality of their future.


  •   FRIENDS WHO ARE FIT:  Surround yourself with people who make their health and fitness a priority and you will find yourself with people who have a positive mindset, a determination and grit that is very inspirational, and it extends to all aspects of their life.  They will encourage and motivate you on your own fitness and health journey.

  • FEELING BETTER:  When I exercise regularly and attend to healthy eating habits, I feel so much better.  My clothes feel better on my body, my energy levels are higher, my moods are more stable,  I deal with stress better,  and my outlook is brighter.

  • PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Being fit and eating right is a challenge I feel good about when I succeed, and it’s a worthy goal to strive for.  I know that the payoff is not just today but years down the road as well, when I am physically able to actually enjoy my grandchildren, my retirement years, and growing old gracefully  


i WISH to ENCOURAGE all OF  those I encounter IN  this LIFE  to VALUE your HEALTH, realize HOW important LIFESTYLE choices MADE today ARE to  OUR future  LIFESTYLES…AND TO REALLY SERIOUSLY  CONSIDER                                ****THAT APPLE A DAY****

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