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Book Review: Max On Life by Max Lucado

Like all of Max Lucado’s books, Max on Life is inspirational and thought-provoking.  Compared to the traditional Max Lucado books, this book is different in that it is set-up as a question and answer format.  Max has received numerous letters over the years from people of all walks of life: young, old, male, female, faith assured and faith tested.  This book addresses some of the letters and questions he has received, questions that many people commonly ponder in their search for truth and meaning in life.

The questions are categorized as follows: HOPE: (God, Grace and Why Am I Here?), HURT (Conflicts, Calamities, and Why Me?), HELP (Prayer, Scripture, and Why Church?), HIM/HER (Sex, Romance, and Any Chance of a Second Chance?), HOME (Diapers, Disagreements, and Any Hope for Prodigals?, HAVES/HAVE NOTS (Work, Money, and Where’s the Lifeline?), and HEREAFTER (Cemeteries, Heaven, Hell, and Who Goes Where?”

I found the book very interesting.  It reminded me of an apologetics book  in that it presented scriptural cases and references for why to believe something, but the wording flowed easily and logically, making complicated concepts appear simple.  I was encouraged and enlightened by reading this book and I highly recommend it.  This book would make a great gift.  It would also make a great devotional book for personal use or small group study discussion.

I was provided this book for free by in exchange for providing an unbiased and honest review of the content.

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