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A BLOG IS BORN : may 2011

My name is Elizabeth, but I am called Becky in the everyday hum and drum of my life.  Some of my earlier posts are signed Lizzie as a shortened version of Elizabeth.  To reduce confusion, however, I decided Sept of 2014 to just sign by Becky, the name most people use.  I am a physical therapist with a passion for helping people restore their bodies and their quality of life.  I am married with 2 daughters, ages 20 and 10.   I live in Southern Ga where hospitality still is a usual way of life.  I love animals, art, fitness, shooting, and music.  I love a good book that takes me to another place or inspires me for enjoying life here on Earth.  Most of all though, I love growing in my walk with God.

I believe our home should be a haven, a  place of refuge from all the hustle, bustle and stress that can permeate our days.  Although I am 2 miles from the interstate and therefore close to all modern conveniences, I am privileged to live in the country.  God whispers to me in all the beauty of country living as I walk my yards and enjoy the quiet solitude I find there.  It is a part of my heritage that I will always cherish and that I am glad to give my children opportunity to experience as well.

We have 2 animals, Roxie ( a rescued Border Collie), and Pickles, a sweet natured Maine Coon.
My Family:

AmberA65645_464298056981251_1845963339_nRoxieAEaster 2011 H

  1. Roxanne is a cutie. Rescued dogs are very protective as they know who saved them. She looks very intelligent.

  2. Becky, reading your bio makes me want to move back there :)
    Of course, the memories of our childhood are so sweet to me. I am so thankful I got to experience the joy and innocence of southern country Georgia as a child, back when life was simple.

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